“Ice” is a young adult fantasy/paranormal novel I wrote a few years back. You can purchase it from, Barnes and,, and the Kindle Store. If you are in the Tulsa area, you can purchase “Ice” from Decopolis, located on the corner of South Boston. “Ice” is also available for order at bookstores everywhere.

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I feel the text on the back of the book sums it up well, so here it is:

After her parents’ deaths and a sudden move to Alaska, Christine feels like nobody could possibly understand her. Then she meets Kavick, a strange boy who is also suffering from the loss of his family. Attractive and free-spirited, Kavick helps Christine during the most difficult time of her life and the two form an intense friendship, and possibly something more.

But Kavick has a secret: he can turn into a wolf.

Constantly watching his back for hunters in a small town where, “everyone knows everyone,” Kavick is not even safe from the police, and fears that Christine could become a target.

Despite abductions and murders, Christine vows to stay by Kavick’s side through it all, even though it may be the death of her.

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