Finally, the first post!

I must apologize for my severe technological incompetency which has put this blog in a constant state of vacancy. “Ghost blog” explains it quite well.

But no more!

Even if slowly, it will surely be different as I have now gotten at least a decent grip on this WordPress thing-a-ma-bobber. (Did I say decent? Maybe “basic” is more like it. And is WordPress one word, or two?) So, my theme may change once or twice, but most likely more minor changes, like fonts or my background color.


As I have promised before, I will be posting exclusive content: deleted sections from my book, character bio’s, and more. I will also be giving updates on the sequel to Ice. In the mean time, I recommend getting familiar with the first book and it’s characters. :)

Don’t forget, there are many ways you can purchase your copy of Ice:, in eBook form from the Kindle store, you can order from your local bookstore, and I’ll post the link to the latter since it’s a great way to discover new authors, as well as some familiar names who have chosen to publish through CreateSpace.


Thanks for reading!