A random bit of my life…

In other news totally unrelated to my book, I recently saw my favorite band for the first time: HIM. They’re part of the Rock Allegiance tour right now, which was an awesome show, by the way. Airbourne was great, and so was All That Remains. But I was there for HIM, of course.

(NOTE: I didn’t see Volbeat, because I left after HIM finished.)

HIM was amazing. That’s really all I can say. I am not exaggerating when I say that Ville (the front man/singer), sounded just as good as he does on the albums. And the other guys rocked hard, too. They all put on a great show that I enjoyed so much, I have been left anticipating seeing them again. For now on I’ll be closely watching their tour dates, waiting for them to come anywhere near my neck of the woods again. You’re probably wondering why I’ve only just started doing that if I claim to be such a big fan. Well, the truth is I never had the money for it until now. I was unemployed when their last album came out, and when the one before that came out, I was in high school (unemployed then, too).

My sister went with me to said concert, and screamed nearly the whole time. And we were pretty close to the stage, so it got Ville’s attention…which made her scream more, lol. He actually imitated her and laughed, sending my sister into a frenzy of blowing kisses in his direction. It was hilarious. XD

Being close to the stage has definitely got its perks: if you can get past the static from the speakers, you will definitely have cool moments. Now, before you get any ideas, I didn’t scream like my sister, lol! When “Passion’s Killing Floor” started, nobody was singing along except me. I actually looked around for a second wondering why nobody was singing like on the previous song. It seemed too quiet, so I might have unintentionally sang louder due to that. He spotted me right away and we sang half of the song together. For the first 30 seconds or so I thought he must have been looking at the girl next to me, or someone behind me, but it continued, and we kept eye contact until after the first chorus. After that, I pumped my fist into the air and yelled, “Woo!” to which he smiled at.

One day in the hopefully near future, you will understand why I like their music so much. (Other than the obvious fact that it’s freaking amazing.) I have written a whole series to their music that has yet to be published, and one of those books I listened to every HIM album while writing and little of anything else, because it would instantly conquer my writer’s block. The ideas would immediately start to flow when I would turn on their music. It was like magic…which is interesting, considering the story I was writing. I hope you all will understand that, too. ;)


Until we meet again!