“It’s aliiive!”

I have been gone for so long you guys probably thought, “She’s dead,” and “There isn’t going to be a sequel after all!” ):

I have good news: I am EXTREMELY close to finishing the sequel, just a few chapters away, then it’s ready for the editing stage! In fact, I almost finished the book before I started college, but you know how it goes: life happens. It shouldn’t be much longer guys! I have been taking my time not just because of work and school and other projects (such as the online store I mentioned in the past I will get to later in the post), but I didn’t want the story to feel rushed. I wanted it to really be the best I could make it. Basically, I want it to be better than the first book. I am not saying I am unhappy with the first book, I just know how sequels can be sometimes.

So, here are things that are still alive and moving forward:

This blog

The sequel to “Ice”

Things that are dead or on indefinite hiatus:

The online store

As much as I would LOVE to present you guys with more physical content related to my book, such as art of the characters, t-shirts, and mugs, and even some extra lovely things that are unrelated to it just to help spice things up, I simply do not have the time. I would much rather be getting that sequel to you sooner than spending time on that anymore. And I’m sure you all would much rather have the sequel, too. :)

Once again, I am so sorry it has taken so long and I thank and love you guys so much for your patience, for reading my blog, and my book. I can’t wait for you guys to read it and want to talk you about it so badly…!

I can’t really say much…but I can show you a preview of the first chapter. :)

Not long ago I did another book signing at Decopolis in Tulsa. It was my second time there on small business Saturday so it felt kind of special…and knowing I would be finished with the book soon, I thought, “I should give out a preview of the next book!”

So later this week I will be back posting that preview for you guys as a way of showing my appreciation for standing by me! I love you guys!


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