The Secret Lives of Characters



As I mentioned in the previous post of this series, Ice is told from Christine’s point of view because it was too hard to get into Kavick’s head because he is so secretive (not that I never attempted to. There was originally a single chapter in his POV, but I removed it because I felt it made it a bit confusing). Christine is an introverted thinker who becomes close to Kavick very quickly, and can understand him extremely well. I realized right away she was the perfect choice to tell the story. I also felt she brought more realism into the story by being the voice of it, which was important to me. I wanted it to be as realistic as a fantasy/supernatural novel could be.

I also chose to write it in her POV because I knew I didn’t want Ice to be a typical boy meets girl story. I didn’t want it to be happy, but not a total drag, either. I wanted it to be bittersweet, just like how life really is and because I was very depressed during the majority of the writing process. When I started Ice, I needed an outlet for the feelings I was struggling with and I knew Christine had to be suffering through a terrible ordeal. She had to feel just as bad as I felt. So I wrote her as an orphan, but somebody had to be providing her with the things she needed. So she had an uncle.

Christine’s name came to me right away. It’s also the name of one of my grandma’s best friends, which makes me like it more, of course. The real life Christine is a hoot. I had started chapter one, and when I was supposed to type her name, I ran a few names through my head quickly. Christine was the third one, I think, and then Birch was the second or third, one, too. I thought it was the perfect name for her and I was surprised it was so easy.

Christine’s loss, the feeling of hopelessness in a new, strange environment, and her relationship all came to me as I was writing it. I didn’t have to brainstorm any of it.

I always saw Christine as slightly tan, tall, and skinny with long, straight, brunette hair. Her eye color was the only thing I had to deliberate. I thought gray would be pretty with her hair and skin. More aptly, I thought Kavick would think it was pretty. I had to see her through his eyes (over time, it got easier).

I soon realized they had a lot in common despite coming from completely different worlds, and I liked that he was the one person who could understand how she felt.

You might be wondering why Molly couldn’t understand Christine. Too often I have read stories where the leading lady has that one perfect girlfriend who understands her so well and she gushes about her friend to the point it’s annoying. I wanted Christine to be realistic. Even Charlotte has her faults, despite being nicer than Molly. Molly was supposed to be like most kids you meet in school. You’re friends, but you never totally trust her because the friendship is more about getting along with her instead of being close to her. You know that friend has, or might gossip about you behind your back because she gossips to you about other people. After all, she met Molly when she had Kavick’s secret to keep and Molly can’t be trusted with secrets. Charlotte, however, never told what she considered Christine’s biggest secret (her crush on Marcus), despite wanting them to get together so badly and thinking that he would return her feelings if he knew.

From the first moment Kavick introduced himself to Christine, he proved he trusted her. He had already put his life on the line to protect her from the bear, and then he put his life in her hands not only out of desperation, but because he trusted her. He was a lonely, lost boy like she was a lonely, lost girl. I can’t think of Charlotte ever being lost, or lonely.

And Marcus’ relationship with Christine: well, I think when you read the book its pretty evident that him and Christine are very different people, and her feelings for him made her too shy to ever get close enough to him like she was with Kavick.

Something else about her, Marcus, and Kavick I hope people have realized, but I think it’s largely gone unnoticed: Ice is not a love triangle between the three. Christine is not in love with them both at the same time. Just because they compete for her (and Kavick didn’t compete most of the time because he didn’t think he stood a chance) doesn’t mean she loves them both. If you pay close attention to what Christine says about Marcus, and Kavick, you’ll see. Love triangles annoy me and I feel like they are not as common as fiction makes them out to be (unless you consider cheating to be a love triangle).

I think that’s it for Christine.


See ya!



The Secret Lives of Characters:



I feel like I have to start with Kavick because he was how I created the story. I kid you not. It actually started with him, not Christine. After all, he is just as much the title’s sake as the Alaskan terrain is. Christine came after him, and it was through her the story was told, because Kavick is too secretive. It was too hard to get into his head most of the time, so I had to tell it through another person…and who better than her?

Telling how I created Kavick goes into telling how I got the idea for Ice. For those who haven’t heard it from me, you may find it surprising. I know I did at the time.

Ice was an idea that came completely out of the blue. I wrote it on a total whim, which I’ve discovered some of my favorite stories are created that way. No matter how outrageous or stupid an idea seems, WRITE IT DOWN, and never tell yourself that you are not good enough to write them. Trust me, because I almost didn’t write Ice, and I am happy I did. Most of all, don’t worry about people’s opinions when you write them.

So, as I used to often do when I was unemployed, I had trouble sleeping at night, because I would sleep in. However, this particular night I was beginning to think I would never go to asleep, so I turned on some music and started a game of Mahjong. I wanted to write, but my mind was blank. I felt like I had a permanent writer’s block on everything, and I couldn’t form any ideas. I hoped it would give my brain a work out. I love Tokio Hotel, and their Humanoid album wasn’t very old then (it was mid to late August, 2010), so I was listening to my favorite song off the album, “Dogs Unleashed”.

Are you starting to see how things came together? It had absolutely nothing to do with Twilight, despite some opinions.

After listening to it a million and one times, I browsed around YouTube for their German music and discovered someone had posted a video that played the German version in one speaker (in my case, ear bud) and English in the other. They had a picture of the lead singer in the video. I stared at the image for maybe the whole song, wondering who he reminded me of. He had long black and white dreadlocks at the time. And then finally, it hit me: he didn’t remind me of someone, he reminded me of something! A Husky!

I laughed out loud at this realization. And then I suddenly saw an image in my mind’s eye (this is how 90% of my ideas come to me), of a young man who looked similar to him. He was different. He was trapped in this large cage or something like that. There were bars. There weren’t any windows. There were security cameras watching him. He then ran out of the building; it was night and there was ankle-deep snow. There appeared to be nothing but snow for miles. This boy, man, whatever you want to call him, had black fur over his shoulders, like a cape or a wrap of some sort. And there were wolves and Huskies running with him. At some point he stopped, like a jump forward in time, and he was sitting down, petting them.

I was momentarily stunned by what I had seen. I kept playing it over in my head, thinking it was so cool and that it would make such a great story. I instantly knew that this boy could turn into a wolf, or a Husky, or a he was a hybrid of the two. I immediately told myself I was not a good enough writer to create it, though, and would just have to find a novel like that. I thought, “Surely somebody has already written something exactly like this.”

I made myself forget about it. But it kept coming back. Each day I thought about it. (This is usually when I decide to write a story.) But I didn’t believe I could write it.

A week or two later, late at night playing Mahjong and listening to that song again, I decided to entertain the idea of writing it. Instantly, I got more ideas once I allowed myself to pursue it. I thought, “What if a girl discovers his secret? And that place? And now her life is in danger and she has to keep his secret?” I was bombarded with ideas that played out in my head, and I was so excited about it. And I hadn’t been excited about anything for a while. I wasn’t in a very happy place at the time. But when I saw Christine, then a nameless girl, gasping in shock, running with him out of the building through the dim, concrete halls from the room with the cage and out into the night with the wolves and dogs, I knew I had to write it. It was too enjoyable for me to pass up. I thought, “Hmmm…that would make a good book.” And with that it was final: I was writing it.


Kavick is a misfit by nature, and somewhat in appearance. There’s his hair, of course. It’s the first indicator that he’s different. For the warmer part of the year I saw him in a white undershirt and faded blue jeans that sometimes had holes in the knees. I saw him skateboarding alone. I saw him being alone a lot, or being distant when he was with others. He has trouble opening up sometimes, depending on how deeply he is bothered by something. He doesn’t like to talk much about emotional pain or struggle, because he was originally a pretty positive person, despite a less than easy life growing up. But then, Kavick is also a very emotional person. When he is in good spirits he is very happy, smiles a lot, and talks a lot. He becomes very out-going, too. He seems almost bubbly even at times (which is my favorite characteristic about him).

Kavick was very close to his large family before many of them died. He was the fourth of 5 brothers, all the same age (I figured multiple births would be common in the Wolf-People because a part of them are wolf). They shared rooms, and were in the same grade, so they were rarely ever apart. With loving parents that valued family, it makes sense Kavick would. I didn’t think of this though until I was in the process of writing the scene where he meets Christine for the first time as a human and his explaining his situation to her.

I quickly knew I wanted the story in Alaska because there aren’t a lot of English speaking countries that have the kind of scenery I envisioned. Plus, I liked keeping it in America so I that I wouldn’t have to do as much research, lol! And that was when I got the idea he had Eskimo ancestors, but they had to be distant, because he had white skin. However, I had this idea at the same time that his skin color was really from being a Husky, not due to his white ancestors. Over time, I have decided that is the reason, especially after crafting the first Skarling’s background and how the different Eskimo tribes consider the Wolf-People so different from themselves. Although, when I wrote the first book, there never seemed to be an opportunity time to explain it, and Kavick knew so little about what he was. I wasn’t even sure if it was worth explaining in the story.

Which brings me to Eskimos, the Wolf-People lore, and how I came up with Kavick’s name.

I chose to use the term Eskimo in the book and in this post because I am solely referring to the native tribes that inhabit Alaska, since in my research I read multiple times they sometimes refer to themselves as Eskimo and are not offended by the term. If I were speaking of the native tribes that inhabit other countries, I would not be using the term since I read it offends them. So, no need to get mad at me because I mean no disrespect.

As you probably know already, the Wolf-People legend is not an actual legend. I created it. Out of curiosity, I tried to find an actual legend like it, but the closest thing I came to were stories about shamans and the “Adlet” which were still too different than what I had in mind.

Kavick’s name comes from a river and an actual place in Alaska. When I originally found the name, it was spelled like how I have spelled it here and in the book. The definition was “wolf,” but the website did not tell which tribe the word was from, or even how it was supposed to be pronounced. I later discovered the river, and the place, but it was spelled differently. And then I discovered an old movie with the same name. Having an immense attachment to the name by this point, I decided that Kavick’s parents were not fluent in any Eskimo languages, but were desperate to hold onto their heritage they cherished. So they added the “C,” because they liked it better that way, just like I do. ;)


Phew…! I think that covers everything. If I realize I have left something out, I will edit this post and mention the change in the next addition to the Secret Lives of Characters series so you guys will know.

For those of you who might have had questions about the character, I hope this has answered some of those questions for you.


See you soon!



Haven’t read the book Kavick’s in? You can buy it from,,, order it from your local bookstore, or at Decopolis. Ice is also available for the Kindle.

Don’t forget to leave a review when you’re finished reading!

Oh, man…

…Where do I begin?

Long time no see…uh, read! As usual, work has been crazy, but it’s been crazier than usual lately. Only just last week have I been back to brainstorming on novels, jotting down ideas, and still trying to decide how to end the sequel to Ice, even though I’m at least ten chapters away from that.

I’ve also been working on two other books…or three. (Cue awkward laughter.) I can’t help but jump around like that. I still haven’t decided which one will follow the Ice books…I’m about to end the insanity and just write them all simultaneously. Yes, I am aware that would be diving into greater insanity. Obviously I will have to consult the people who I usually run my ideas past, which fortunately always have completely different opinions. Perhaps they can talk some sense into me.

Don’t worry, guys: somehow I will get that sequel to you soon!

I know you’re all thinking, “I’m not worrying, because I don’t care about your book! I stumbled across this blog, and I think it’s stupid! I mean, you call yourself writer and you type ‘lol’ and use emoticons?!”

Okay, back on topic:

Up until this week, it had been especially hard not being able to write. I have fond memories of writing in October on cool, rainy gray days. The newly turned leaves are beautiful in the rain. I remember coming home from work, leaning back on the couch with my little HP netbook and writing all day long. The setting of the story was in the exact time of the year I was living, so I was drawing my descriptions from what I was experiencing at that moment. I have never forgotten how pretty the orange pumpkin was on the porch, sprinkled with little rain drops.

I wanted to do that again this year, working on that same book. I didn’t get to. ):

You all have probably gathered by now that I have put the Ice trailer on hold. But not for long!

In other news, I have another book signing coming up at Decopolis! Come by the store on Black Friday to get some unique Christmas gifts, and a copy of Ice signed. I am not sure on a time yet, but it will be in the evening. More news on that as I get it. Another way to follow the latest on the book signing is via my Facebook page.

I am also working with a photographer, Misha, for a new cover of Ice! Here’s a link to her blog where she has posted about it. She’s really nice and I am so excited to be working with her! More on that soon!

Okay, there is one thing I have gotten done: the Secret Lives of Characters series! First up is Kavick, then immediately followed by Christine. In the character bios I will be revealing not only how I created the characters, but insight into the writing process of the story, such as why I use the term “Eskimo,” which I’m sure some people probably find offensive. When you learn why I use it you will see that it’s actually not used in an offensive way.

So here I go to start posting their “secret lives”. Enjoy!


Also, if you are new to Ice, you can buy it from a variety of places: (you can also purchase the Kindle version there), (where you can request a nook version, too),; you can also order it from your local bookstore, and purchase it at Decopolis, located onS Boston in Downtown Tulsa. Don’t forget, it’s in the Kindle Lending Library, too! Happy reading!

Book Signing and the Latest News on You-Know-Who

Hello, all.

I know it’s been a while since my last post (not that I’ve ever been very fast at this), but a lot has happened. As you know, I had a book signing on September 14th. (Yaaay!) Not to mention the birthday party I attended the day before, and the day after the signing was equally busy, filled with random errands, a new haircut, and lots of Rock Band 3 in which I did an emo rendition of “Shout” that my sister tried to record 3 times, but I couldn’t keep from laughing.

Yeah, I’ve been real busy. Note the sarcasm.

But seriously. I have. As you know, I have another job outside of the world of writing.

You know, when I put it that way, it makes it sound like I have a corny secret identity, but you get my drift.

And now I’m sick! D8


I’ve been sick for 3 days now. Not fun. I sounded like a man on day 1, during the entire time I was at work. I told my sister that evening, “I hope I’m not sick. Only my throat hurts, and it’s messing with my voice.” I then asked her if her daughter’s been sick.

She said, “She’s been coughing, sneezing, and had a runny nose all day, but I think it’s just allergies.”

I laughed awkwardly at my sister’s response, and said, “Uh, every time you say it’s ‘just allergies,’ she ends up running a fever in 1-2 days.”

And that is the truth. However, since I have been MIA for 3 days, I don’t know if she’s been running a fever. I do hope she has only a case of nasty allergies, and that nobody catches my cold. How I got it, I’m not sure. But I really don’t care about that. I just want to get better, fast.

I hate just lying still all day, though. I feel like I need to do something, even though I don’t have the energy to, so I decided to tell you guys all about the book signing at Decopolis! (Finally!)

So I got to Decopolis at 11. William, the owner, set up a nice desk for me with an old typewrite as a display and had my books arranged in a neat way. He put up signs around the store and filled me in on the promotion he was doing that day if someone buys one of my books. It was really nice. The desk was right in front of a window by the entrance, so I had a great view of the band outside the store. The bands were really good. There was this all-girl high school band called “The Sirens” who were freakin’ amazing. The crowd loved them, as did I.

Although most people who came in passed by me without buying a book, some showed interest, and some showed only rejection. I expected the worst kind of rejection, but never expected being accused of plagiarism.

Now, if you are an aspiring writer, or are starting out as an author like I am, then I feel that you must read this part. I think it is a good way to prepare yourself for this kind of rejection, accusation, whatever you want to call it (I’m still not sure what it is, actually). Hopefully I acted as a good example of how to handle that sort of…statement. I honestly did not let it bother me while I was there. I brushed it off as just some weirdo being a weirdo. Later it dawned on me just how rude and crazy the accusation was.

Here’s what happened: One of the very first people who walked in Decopolis was a woman who I will only describe as that, because I am not looking to slander her name, or cause her any trouble. I greeted her with a smile and asked her how she was.

She asked me if there was a book signing, and I told her there was. I asked her if she would like me to sign one for her.

She acted surprised by my statement and asked if I was the author, and if those were my books. I said yes, smiling.

She then asked me what my book was about, to which I answered that it was about a girl who meets a boy who can shape-shift into a wolf. (It is way too hard to explain right off that he’s a Husky-wolf hybrid.)

“Have you read the Twilight books?” she asks me.

It’s a common question I get, seeing as I wrote a young adult fantasy/supernatural novel. I could be writing about any number if supernatural creatures and Twilight would still come up, because it has left such a huge impact on the world of literature. If I were writing about witches or wizards, or anyone with magical powers, I would be asked if I have read Harry Potter. So, her question did not offend me at all. Remember not to let those questions offend you, either. This is not what was rude, though. It gets worse.

I replied, “Oh, yeah. I read the series when I was in high school.”

“You know, there are these websites online where people communicate with each other…like a community,” she told me, struggling to explain it. “They talk about books they read and ask each other for ideas about how to write a book like that—based off of that. They do that until they have a whole book written about the other book…I don’t remember what it’s called. But they do that until they have their own book written, and then they put it on the Internet and get it published.”

I finally thought I understood what the woman was talking about. “Like fan fictions?”

Her eyes widened in recognition. “Yes, I think that’s it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, those are websites for fan fictions. I read a few of those a long time ago. Sadly, most of them are horrible, but there are a few good writers on there. It made me wish those weren’t fan fictions then so they could be published.” I laughed again because I couldn’t believe I was talking about fan fictions with a total stranger. It was a hilarious scenario until her next words.

The lady wasn’t laughing with me. She looked me directly in the eye except to occasionally look at my book on the table in front of her. “You know, E. L. James did that. Fifty Shades of Grey was based off of Twilight. It was a fan fiction of Twilight. She wrote it based off of Twilight…and now you’ve written this book based off of it, too.”

I was stunned. Needless to say, I wasn’t laughing anymore. I was shocked enough that she assumed I knew who E. L. James was and that I had read Fifty Shades of Grey. But to accuse me of being a copycat, as if it’s impossible for me to think for myself…?!

But I just laughed again. The whole thing was so surreal, I couldn’t help but find it funny. “Oh, no. My book isn’t based off of Twilight. I came up with the idea for it one night when I couldn’t sleep and I was listening to a song called, ‘Dogs Unleashed’. I wasn’t thinking about Twilight at all.”

She just nodded and uttered a non-committal sound and started to walk away. I bade her a nice day and she bade me good luck with my book as she walked out of the store.

I’m glad that I did find it so funny in the moment, otherwise I may have handled the situation badly. I think the best thing to do when accused of plagiarism is to just laugh it off like they’re crazy. Because they are. That’s my humble opinion, anyway.

Some people had really good things to say about my book, too. More than one person was genuinely intrigued, but I remember one woman in particular. She picked up my book and said, “Huh…I think I’ll buy one.”

She rejoined her friend, who looked at my book in her hand. “You’re going to buy one?” her friend asked, surprised.

She replied seriously, “Yeah. I think it sounds interesting.”

A couple of girls who appeared to be about my age asked what my book was about. When I told them it was about a group of shape-shifters in a small town in Alaska, she said, “That’s the perfect place for shape-shifters!”

Over all, it was a really cool experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. By the way, those two girls each bought a book and wanted their picture taken with me. I was shocked. I thought, “No way! This isn’t happening!”

And, all six books the store ordered sold by 5 o’clock! I had 3 with me just in case things went well, which I sold to William that day. Two of those books sold by 6. William jokingly asked me, “Got any more of those in your bag?”

He then asked for an order of six more, which I’m currently waiting on in the mail. Shortly after 7, the last book sold, which was actually when I was planning to leave. Everything worked out so well, I still can’t believe it. I am so blessed. I didn’t think I’d even sell 2. When I was purchasing my Alice in Wonderland mug just before I left, William said he wanted me to do another book signing, possibly on Black Friday when the Pop-Up shops open. So I will keep you guys posted on the next book signing! :)

I’m going to try to post pictures in this post. If it doesn’t work, the pictures are on my Facebook page.

And don’t worry guys; I have not forgotten the series of posts I planned to do! I have actually been working on the ones about each character and am working on the first trailer for Ice. Also, I am still writing the sequel to Ice, and have been working on a manuscript for a different book! I hope to publish the sequel and the other book shortly after the start of the new year. I will be starting college then, so I can’t give an exact date at this point, only a goal. As always, I will keep updating you guys, even if it take me a little while to write a post.


Until next time!


Pictures will hopefully appear here:

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A random bit of my life…

In other news totally unrelated to my book, I recently saw my favorite band for the first time: HIM. They’re part of the Rock Allegiance tour right now, which was an awesome show, by the way. Airbourne was great, and so was All That Remains. But I was there for HIM, of course.

(NOTE: I didn’t see Volbeat, because I left after HIM finished.)

HIM was amazing. That’s really all I can say. I am not exaggerating when I say that Ville (the front man/singer), sounded just as good as he does on the albums. And the other guys rocked hard, too. They all put on a great show that I enjoyed so much, I have been left anticipating seeing them again. For now on I’ll be closely watching their tour dates, waiting for them to come anywhere near my neck of the woods again. You’re probably wondering why I’ve only just started doing that if I claim to be such a big fan. Well, the truth is I never had the money for it until now. I was unemployed when their last album came out, and when the one before that came out, I was in high school (unemployed then, too).

My sister went with me to said concert, and screamed nearly the whole time. And we were pretty close to the stage, so it got Ville’s attention…which made her scream more, lol. He actually imitated her and laughed, sending my sister into a frenzy of blowing kisses in his direction. It was hilarious. XD

Being close to the stage has definitely got its perks: if you can get past the static from the speakers, you will definitely have cool moments. Now, before you get any ideas, I didn’t scream like my sister, lol! When “Passion’s Killing Floor” started, nobody was singing along except me. I actually looked around for a second wondering why nobody was singing like on the previous song. It seemed too quiet, so I might have unintentionally sang louder due to that. He spotted me right away and we sang half of the song together. For the first 30 seconds or so I thought he must have been looking at the girl next to me, or someone behind me, but it continued, and we kept eye contact until after the first chorus. After that, I pumped my fist into the air and yelled, “Woo!” to which he smiled at.

One day in the hopefully near future, you will understand why I like their music so much. (Other than the obvious fact that it’s freaking amazing.) I have written a whole series to their music that has yet to be published, and one of those books I listened to every HIM album while writing and little of anything else, because it would instantly conquer my writer’s block. The ideas would immediately start to flow when I would turn on their music. It was like magic…which is interesting, considering the story I was writing. I hope you all will understand that, too. ;)


Until we meet again!


Correction on Promo and BOOK SIGNING!

Okay, first off I have a correction to make on the numbers of the free promo: Ice was actually downloaded 246 times! I had forgotten to check the sales from the Amazon sites of other countries. It’s a mistake I’ll never make again, lol!


Now, my upcoming book signing: On September 14th, in Downtown Tulsa (that’s in Oklahoma, for those of you who don’t know), there’s going to be this cool festival going on called “Chalk Fest”. Not only will there be chalk artists, but there will be bands playing. During all this, I will be having a book signing in Decopolis. It’s a unique store on the corner of 6th and Boston. It’s so cool. It doesn’t just carry books; there’s paintings, and other miscellaneous items. It really is awesome, and the owners are really nice, too. (THEY SELL A DISAPPEARING TARDIS MUG! I swear, my inner Doctor Who fan/child died and went to heaven when I saw it.)


Okay, here I was going to talk about some stuff in my personal life, but I felt like it didn’t really fit with everything else, so I’m going to end this post here. If you want to read my random ramblings, just click on to the next post.


Bye for now!


149…?! Say whaaat?

149…I love that number now. And here’s why.

(Well, that’s a very rude way to start. Hello everybody, and welcome!)

(Now back to 149…)

I have exciting news to share: recently the Kindle version of Ice was on a free promotion for two days…and was downloaded 149 times! That’s so much more than the number of sales thus far, so that is a pretty big deal to me. Though Ice is no longer free, it is only $2.99.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded it! Please leave a review on so that people will know your thoughts on the book.


In other Ice-related news, I am planning a contest in the VERY near future! Here’s a preview for you: one of the prizes will be a gift card for! Yay for free money!

And after the contest, I will start work on the first trailer for “Ice”!

Which means I need to start looking for actors. O_o  (Just a bit worrisome…just a little.)


Okay, I think I’m going to leave things here so I can work on the sequel. I will start two series of blog entries soon: one will be about each character in Ice and how I created them, and the other will be about commonly misused words and their confused spellings. (Can anyone say ‘BLOND’? Or should I say, spell.)


See you soon!


Buy the Kindle version of Ice here, or buy the physical copy from and CreateSpace.

Finally, the first post!

I must apologize for my severe technological incompetency which has put this blog in a constant state of vacancy. “Ghost blog” explains it quite well.

But no more!

Even if slowly, it will surely be different as I have now gotten at least a decent grip on this WordPress thing-a-ma-bobber. (Did I say decent? Maybe “basic” is more like it. And is WordPress one word, or two?) So, my theme may change once or twice, but most likely more minor changes, like fonts or my background color.


As I have promised before, I will be posting exclusive content: deleted sections from my book, character bio’s, and more. I will also be giving updates on the sequel to Ice. In the mean time, I recommend getting familiar with the first book and it’s characters. :)

Don’t forget, there are many ways you can purchase your copy of Ice:, in eBook form from the Kindle store, you can order from your local bookstore, and I’ll post the link to the latter since it’s a great way to discover new authors, as well as some familiar names who have chosen to publish through CreateSpace.


Thanks for reading!